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Hi, here's some information. I went to RIT. Stayed for my bachelor's and master's. Coursework was in new media design & tech, web apps, fine art, and some weird Java courses where I wrote XML parsers and a multi-tenant tennis score keeper for a country club.

Out of school, I joined a newspaper company where I got to use such terms as beat, bleed, kill, bury the lead, listicle, hero, war room, and dummy.

[TODO: Lion Burger anecdotes]

Then I moved to Massachusetts where I joined a now-mostly-defunct digital agency. Technical resources were scarce, and budgets were huge, so I got to do a lot of things way outside of my pay grade. It was fantastic when it wasn't eye-rollingly terrible.

[TODO: Bocoup anecdotes]

[TODO: Upstatement anecdotes]

[TODO: Localytics anecdotes]

...and now we're at the present.

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